DATA Shipping, Available In-Stores, & New DATA Firmware Download

Whew! We made it, just got to Berlin for the SuperBooth! We’ve been working non-stop for weeks trying to get ready for the show while concurrently producing and shipping hundreds of DATAs, it’s been total madness and we’re very grateful for all our friends who pitched in to make it happen!

On April 8th we started shipping the DATA 2nd run and now all of our pre-orders have gone out, as well as the majority of retail stock. The DATA is now, or soon to be, in-stock at the following stores:



And at last, we're happy to announce the NEW DATA FIRMWARE is now available for download!

Download the firmware file below and follow the update instructions in the DATA’s User Guide:

The firmware adds the new XY scope and “minimal display mode” to the Oscilloscope Program, adds the Triple Wave Folding mode to the dual Waveform Output Program, as well as adds improved encoder knob handling and many little system wide fixes and optimizations. 

We probably won’t be updating the manual until we get back from SuperBooth, so in the meantime if you want to try out the new firmware’s features, here’s a few things to know:

  • To access the XY scope and "Minimal Mode" options in the Oscilloscope program, just hold down the Menu Button for 2 seconds (top right most button) and you will see the top menu items change. To get back to the normal top options (CUR-TRIG-TIME), hold the Menu Button again. 
  • The new wave folding feature of the Wave Out program can be accessed via the “Modes” pop menu at the top right of the screen; select mode “FOLD” or “CLIP”. 
  • Also, for reference you can see these features in use in the video from the NAMM trade show a couple months back.