DATA Production Update & Knobcon Next Weekend!


The next batch of DATAs are almost ready!!! Last week was eventful - Our new injection molded display windows came in (and look amazing!), then Ross, Michael, & Thomas down at Moffenzeef rocked out the majority of the THT soldering, and at last, the final assembly process began in the Mordax dungeon!

We get a lot of messages like “When will DATAs be available?” , “Can I pre-order one?”, “You’re so mean, why won’t you give me one now?” etc., so here’s the deal:

DATAs will be available to order here on the Mordax site and from our retail partners as soon as possible! We want you to have DATAs, it’s what we work towards every day. Nothing makes us happier than shipping DATAs to those who love them, hearing and seeing them out in the world.

But, as the saying goings, making hardware is hard! With so many moving pieces in the production of something as complex as the DATA it’s difficult to project with certainty the exact date they will be ready. With that said, we’re very close to completing the next batch now, and it is likely (although not certain) we will start taking orders and shipping within the next few weeks.

We are not taking pre-orders for this round, although some of our retail partners are. But the second we open up orders on the site we will be sending out a notification to our newsletter mailing list group. If you want to know when you can get a DATA, please sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already (the Newsletter email field on this page’s side bar, or on mobile at the bottom of this page).

And just to complicate things… we’ll be pausing on DATA production briefly this week to fly out to Chicago for KNOBCON NUMBER 8!!! It’s the first time attending for Mordax and we’re super excited, as it’s suppose to be the nerdiest show of them all, and double plus excited for the keynote speech and workshop by Dr. John Chowning, inventor of FM synthesis :D

Hope to see you there! Check out the KNOBCON site for more info: