NAMM 2017 Update: New DATA Features in Development

NAMM 2017 is over! It was a blast, but it's good to now be back in the lab and continuing forward with the DATA's next round of production, the new DATA firmware, and our next products.

At the show we announced a handful of new features for the DATA, to be included with the forthcoming firmware update. Some of the new features are:

  • XY Scope for viewing Lissajous curves, our most requested feature to add!
  • Improved Scope Drawing. We optimized some of the display functions in the scope allowing for even faster and smoother screen updates.
  • Minimal Display Mode for the Scope, turns off the grid and on-screen controls.
  • Wave Folding Mode for the dual Oscillator program. In addition to the Clip waveshaping, there's now an option for Triple Wave Folding the waveforms.
  • We're also working on the encoder handling routines to make the encoder input smoother. 

Here's a video from the NAMM show with our friends at Analogue Zone  demonstrating some of the new features:

We're testing everything in the DATA system thoroughly with these new features; so far so good! Once we're satisfied there are no bugs and everything is working well, we'll post the new firmware on the site for download. I estimate it'll be ready in the next few weeks, though you know how it goes with estimating : )