Production Update

DATA 2nd run production is currently about 2 weeks behind schedule. We had a few things come up: 

First, the face plates were cut with an error in interior hole dimensions, so that the buttons, jacks, etc. didn’t fit through them. Luckily this was caught before powder coating and silk screening the lot of them, and our laser folks acknowledged their error and fixed the issue without additional costs to the run. The face plates have now been re-cut and powder coated, we should be getting them back from the silk screen shop later this week. 

Second, our circuit board fab in China got backup up during Chinese New Year (really need to start marking this one on the calendar). I just heard from the board house today and they said our order is now 2-3 days from being completed. We ordered boards back in January and they usually take 7-10 days to produce, so this has been a fair amount longer than expected. We’ve got all our parts at WMD’s facility in Colorado, so they’re ready to go with populating the SMD as soon as the PCBs arrive.

The final assembly on our end for this run is much quicker than the last, since the last board rev required adding a few SMD parts by hand and now those are machine populated. With the PCBs being shipped in the next few days, we should be able to get DATAs out within the next few weeks. As soon as the pre-order units are out we’ll start on filling the retail orders for this run, which we’re still aiming to get out by the end of March. 

Thanks for being patient, we’ll keep you posted on developments!