Production Update & New Team Member!

Production is in full swing here at Mordax HQ! The next batch of DATAs is slated to go out to our pre-ordered retail partners by the end of September, with units available to order directly on our website and from additional retailers shortly thereafter.

Above is a video of the DATA faceplates being cut from aluminum sheets at our new production partner, Profile Laser, in Portland, Oregon. This is the first time we’ve utilized a fiber laser for faceplate cutting and we’re blown away at how fast and clean the cuts are. Thanks Profile team! The run’s faceplates are all cut and powder coated, and will start coming in from the silkscreen shop later this week. 

Aside from the current production run, we’ve been working on an update to the DATA firmware which fixes a bug with the Clock program’s larger division values. Fixing this bug lead to a complete re-design of the Clock program’s core, and allowed adding additional independent clock output channels and more div/mult values, including dotted and triplet notes! We hope to have this new firmware update fully tested and ready to go out in the next few weeks to existing DATA users, and we plan to ship all DATAs currently in production with this latest firmware version.

BR headshot 4 __ edit 1000x647.png

Lastly, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Mordax team, our Embedded Systems Design Intern, Blake Rayburn (pictured above). Blake is an undergraduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Oregon State University. He’s been working with us over the summer on some exciting new projects (more on those later!) and has been doing a great job learning about embedded audio, video, PCB design, and techno.