DATA now in stock!!! New firmware & user guide updated


It’s DATA time! We got a fresh batch of DATA modules available in the Mordax shop (now with FREE U.S. domestic shipping) and from our wonderful retail partners worldwide.


With the latest DATA firmware SYS V. 01.02.02 we have a major update to the CLOCK OUTPUT program. The new CLOCK core has been completely redesigned, now with 4 channels of independent clock output (upgraded from 2 ch), all with full CV input control over their divide/multiply value and offset. Many new CLOCK divide/multiply values have been added, including fractional div/mults allowing for dotted and triplet note values (e.g., x1.3 = dotted 8th note), and an increased overall range from /48 (12 measures) to x48 (128th note triplets).

The Wave Output program also got some “under-the-hood” work on this update. The oscillators have been improved, they are now higher resolution and have less aliasing noise, and the CV input processing has been further optimized allowing for faster and more precise CV modulation of the oscillator’s frequency and amplitude.

Download the updates:
DATA Firmware Update V.01.02.02
DATA User Guide 171002