GXN Granular Synthesis Eurorack Module Announced at NAMM 2018

We were happy to announce our next eurorack module at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show - the GXN Granular Synthesis System!

Our aim with the GXN is to realize in hardware our dream of the ultimate granular sample manipulation system. We started working with granular synthesis in NI's Reaktor back in the early 2000s, building custom instruments that were the basis of many compositions and live performances between 2003 to 2009. We fell in love with granular techniques at that time, but since moving towards a hardware-focused setup in recent years, we haven’t had a suitable device for continuing to explore these methods in detail - until now! 

The GXN is still in active development, but it is already very inspiring to play with, as you can see from the show videos. In brief, the plan is:

  • The GXN is a sample recorder & playback device, also with live buffer capture and processing.

  • Full external CV control over all parameters, routable via modulation assignment (similar to the DATA's CV input), as well as internal modulation sources and precision numerical control.  

  • It can be used as a complex sample granulator, as well as a more traditional polyphonic sample player.

  • We aim to have the GXN available Summer/Fall 2018, with target pricing less than $600 USD.

  • To be informed of the GXN’s release and pre-order, please sign up for our email newsletter at the sidebar (or on a phone, the bottom box) of this page.

And if you have feedback or feature requests for the GXN, please share your thoughts with us via our Contact Page.

Here’s a few more videos from the NAMM show covering the GXN:


Big thanks to our pals at WMD for organizing another great modular block at the NAMM Show!

The next GXN showing will be at SuperBooth Berlin, May 3-5 2018, see you there!!!

The Mordax booth babes: Blake, Brandon, and Taylor

The Mordax booth babes: Blake, Brandon, and Taylor