GXN at SuperBooth 2018 & more DATAs on the way!

Last month we traveled to Berlin for the mother of synth events, SuperBooth 2018, and took along our new module in development, the GXN Granular Synthesis System. It was a great show and we were excited to show the latest on the GXN, which included the beginnings of the CV control system - check out the interview video with DivKid Ben from Superbooth above. 

We’re now back to working on the GXN here, with the goal of completing the production prototype hardware for the module by the end of this summer. If that goal is met, we will move into production this fall and have the first round of GXNs available before the holidays later this year. The final price won’t be determined until the production prototype is completed and quoted for manufacturing, but we’re still aiming for under $600 USD. 

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More DATAs are on the way! We’re wrapping up production on the latest batch of DATAs here at Mordax HQ and have started shipping our web-store and vendor orders. 

If you still need a DATA (or are ready for another!) we are taking and shipping orders now from the MORDAX SHOP (with FREE U.S. domestic shipping), and the DATA is currently or soon to be in stock from our list of world-wide retail partners

Also, concurrently with the GXN development, we’re working on some exciting new features for the DATA. We’re aiming to have these updates for the DATA System firmware ready for release later this summer - stay tuned for more!